Tourist Trap

  • A lot of the new players come to the server and ask this: What do I do here?
    The answer, while obvious (survive), is pretty underwhelming and doesn't advertise us as a server worthy of votes for the best server in the world.

    I suggest providing in the starter pack a tour guide book that lists the popular places to visit, player-made wonders of the world, hangouts, grinders, marketplaces etc, as well as how to tp to them. At the end of the book, a link to the vote website as well as a tp to the rewards room!

    If we were to make such a booklet, what do you think we should add in there? Is there a build that you would like to make public? Please comment!

  • I agree.

  • It seems that the LadyAnime has provided an alternative to this idea, in the form of a billboard house, originally in dollarstore, now found in the south district of Blackmarket
    We should advertise that "/res tp SBM" is the place to go to find addresses for farms, shops and good builds.

  • Helper

    these are a few of my public zones

    /res tp grindingmobs
    /res tp slime
    /res tp madamwillow
    /res tp madamwillow.420
    /res tp madamwillow.pigmenz

  • yup anyone can donate a book or named item with a res and I'll slap it on the board. please note I don't always have time to police each warp so they may become inactive etc ( send me mail if you notice this ) . I'm still pushing for a new tutorial ( specifically one that shows you or walks you through claiming Land ) but I'm glad I was able to help even if it's just a little 🙂

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