Doge Guide NPCs

  • When I first joined this server, having only experienced playing vanilla Minecraft, the extra systems such as land ownership, shops, jobs and voting were completely new to me, and I was overwhelmed by all the new things I had to learn. If it weren't for the occasional tips that I got from the chat, I would've been very lost. I have also seen many people who have joined after me, and they ask the same things, especially on the starter island, before choosing survival or sandbox. It seems the signage isn't doing enough to show new players around, they are either too brief, or players ignore them entirely.

    If we had npcs throughout the starting areas, that displayed information and taught players how to use the different systems, it may help the new players to ease into the server. It will also help veterans on the server by answering questions for them, putting less pressure on the chat.

    Personally I think, for the purpose of theme, we get sitting dogs to be the guide npcs, and clicking on the dog will either open a popup box displaying text that will tell the player what they should do, or tp the player to a tutorial room where the info is displayed on the walls.

    I suggest the following to be added

    • One npc at the starter island that explains what the villager tps do, as well as explaining the survival and skyblock worlds
    • At the welcome sign, one npc each to explain the following topics: jobs, ranks, claiming land and opening a shop. Also for land ownership, include explanation of how this system prevents new players from using doors, chests etc.
    • An npc that teaches basic survival skills, such as making torches and campfires from charcoal, to assist those who are playing Minecraft for the first time (trust me, there are a lot)
    • An npc in front of each teleport at Doge Central, explaining where the portal leads, as well as the command shortcuts. We especially need an npc that shows how to command tp back to the starter island, since quite a few players request that for some reason
    • An npc that explains how the voting system works, and what benefits players get from contributing votes
    • A rules and guidelines npc, that explains each of the bannable offences, as well as the names we give to these offences (I didn't know how someone could be banned because of Jesus until much later)

  • Update on the situation with tutorials:
    Recently found out that someone/something destroyed the poster that outlines how to claim land. In response to this, I went out and helped newcomers establish homes personally.
    I found that usually newcomers skip the tutorial and tp straight into the wild, completely avoiding the signage altogether. They do, however seem to be attracted to animals, and will interact with them in the hopes of either taming or damaging them. I believe we can use this to our advantage when designing tutorial npcs.

  • Update

    • I was reading through comments about our server, and there was a comment about the server not having enough doge. Dogecraft is not doge enough!
    • Due to there being no explaination or guide on chat etiquette, players have to be told that spamming and caps are generally not allowed. This of course could be solved by a sign that people would be willing to read.
    • New players continue to skip the tutorial posters, to the point where every newcomer requires personal lessons in land claiming, and occasionally someone accidentally enters the Skyblock server and pesters those in Survival for help.
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