Perm Ban Appeal

  • My in game name is Modering
    I was banned Wednesday the 4th of September
    I was banned by Luminy_
    Because my brother said the n word in chat
    I want to be unbanned because i was doing really well with my friend and it wasn't even me who said it, my brother did when i went to the bathroom.
    Provide a screenshot that is presented when trying to login to DogeCraft
    0_1567667650581_Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 3.13.34 pm.png

  • Denied, if you put blame on your family member that is the worst thing you can do.

  • Admin

    Additionally, you should understand that your account is your responsibility. You should ensure that no-one can gain access easily and then go on to break the rules. If it were a family member, you could've tried:

    • Leaving the game,
    • Locking your computer.

    Keep this in mind on future servers, this is pretty standard.

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