Suggestion Advanced Jobs

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    Unlock advanced jobs Via ingame currency, Maybe also having to buy them in the store and prerequisite jobs, these jobs would not require leveling and would just be unlocked for maxing one of the prerequisites to give a certain effect.

    Geologist: Max out Digger or Miner
    Chance to get select Ores from Stone and Dirt

    Scavenger: Max out Crafter or Blacksmith
    Can uncraft Items that are not armor, weapons or tools. Uncrafting items would not give back all the materials but a portion of the ingrediants.

    Carpenter: Max out Woodcutting or Builder
    Crafting items grants additional blocks
    examples: crafting logs to planks would go from 1 log to 6 planks in stead of 4 planks, or crafting stone into bricks would go from 4 stone to 6 stone bricks

    Lucky: Max out Farmer or Fisherman
    Find items and currency while performing prerequisite job tasks
    Examples: Finding vote keys or doge pouches at a very small chance when harvestion crops or fishing

    p.s. I realise that Lucky is very close to the fishing rods on skyblock.

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