Increase the chunk updating range

  • I literally can't build something in a corner of my base and smelt stuff in the other corner at the same time because of this. I live on a mountain and I can't even see my village that's next to the mountain from up here. It's honestly really annoying and making the gameplay much less fun. Can't even go out look for horses, animals, biomes etc anymore because as the chunks wont update in the distance I have no way of seeing far.

    Plx fix

  • I've got the same complaint, as I cannot see the entirety of my build at once. However, I realize that the server might suffer heavily if the render distance is increased. Hopefully, the server can be optimized and this problem resolved

  • It's literally a 50 slot server you can create servers better than this in dedicated mod if this lags the server too hard lmao

  • I understand it's really frustrating. The problem is not with server optimization but the Minecraft 1.14.4 update itself, they broke the chunk optimizations that were working fine in 1.12.2. We will try increasing it today after a small server version update, but I can't really promise it will work without lagging you guys out.

  • We are using 12/32 gb of ram and 100%/800% CPU but its not the servers fault none of those numbers jump up when there is 40+ players it will lag either way.

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