Crate names?

  • Niko is thinking about introducing a new crate to the rewards system.

    feel like we should come up with some not mainstream names for the crates, so we stand out in that way. And by mainstream, I mean like names like; rare, unique and legendary or peasant, noble and royal.

    But I don't know, ultimately its Niko's choice.

    Well since the server is pretty much based on a meme, doge obviously.
    I thought it might be fun to name the crate after different memes --> ''insert overused meme here''
    and ofc it will be hard to come up with ideas because the server doesn't really have a unique theme to it tbh.
    so perhaps you guys have some great suggestions?

  • Hmmm what about "moto moto" or maybe ..."
    Chungus" xD

  • We should stick to the Doge meme and name the crates using Dogespeak.
    Rare Crate = Much Fancy Box
    Unique Crate = Such Shiny Chest
    Legendary Crate = Very Wow Vault

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