PapaParelix / Parelix / Habibubben - Donations, rank and balance transfere.

  • I used to share the account i used to make donations with and now i bought my own so i want to get it transfered over.

    Name of the Account with Emerald Donation Rank - Rank ingame: General: Habibubben
    Name of the Account i want it transfered too: Parelix
    The money i can probably just transfere over, i also had the trusted mute / kick perk but it never worked :(. Anyway thanks for the help. Im always on discord @Chris|Parelix#3713

  • Made it so you "purchased Emerald" from the new account so you are able to upgrade to Obsidian in the future.
    removed Emerald for Habibubben

  • @Niko302 Sounds good

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