New crate?

  • Thinking of adding a new crate that is purchasable with in-game money.
    I need ideas on what people would like to see in the crate and pay from 25-100k for.

  • I say the Rare Gems. By the time they get circulated into the economy, they get torn right out with just one crafting of a tool.
    Don't do fly books.
    Better than normal vanilla enchantments like fortune 3 maybe go up one level. Nothing to crazy, but make it worth a lot of money and random.
    The abilty to change a spawner to only common passive animals. Passive spawner are mid range price compared to spider zombie and skeleton spawners.
    This one isnt for the crate but irl money to create warp at spawn or the new shop to let people know where they can visit and stuff instead of having to wait for word of mouth.
    Boss token. Allows for one per day spawn the boss for a chance at rare loot.
    Building Materials.
    Mob eggs.

  • Tridents, Conduits Drowned Spawners, Pilliger Spawners?

  • Nautilus shells. shulker boxes. spawn eggs. maybe wither skulls?

  • Slime balls perhaps and maybe dragon heads?

  • Helper

    my thoughts on ideas for a money crate:
    coloshite, alexandrite, bloodstone, sapphire
    nautilus shells
    wither skulls x3
    dragon head
    dragon egg???
    diamond axe with looting
    incredibally small chance to get doge crate key
    small chance of getting a larger sum of money back
    mcmmo credit (to put where players want to add it to)

    Maybe tools that have high stats but also have curse of vanishing?

  • @OneRitzyWillow Maybe tools that cannot be repaired so a one use wonder 🙂

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