Border expansion (over world)

  • So it has come to my attention and own thoughts that we should get a border expansion for the main world. Why? well we cant expand the nether and or end because as of now its too early for that. Well why the overworld then? well because I feel its too crammed. seeing how there's high numbers of players more ofton, it makes me worry that we are too crammed together. I can see this when I teleport around the world, I have a world map in which shows me where I've been and honestly the places I've been to are really close to everyone else. Earlier today (the day this is/was posted) I saw a player who was happy that they found some good unclaimed land. I know we just updated but going from 11,500 x 11,500 to 5000 x 5000 is a bit.. of a huge jump..? especially when we are getting more players than we had before the update. Why do I want this? well because honestly I just don't like living close to people.. I really like having my space and being able to have the freedom to expand when I need to. But if you guys are up for a expansion, then please please share this with each other, reply if you want/need to, talk about it and most importantly approve of it. It helps this become reality. I did my part making this little forum, but I need you guys to do yours and get this out there. If you don't want it, then why? please leave a reply and explain to me what your thoughts are. Sorry if this is asking too much and I do apologize about how this is all over the place. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.

  • I think that it's insurance if the server were to update to a newer version, not sure. I'd be down for an expansion of 1000 blocks in each direction though.

  • This is extremely necessary with the number of players we have been gaining. I've been saying this since day one and we need to make a change. It's almost impossible to find unclaimed land. People have claimed entire biomes. 7 people can technically claim the entire map if they wanted to. You guys give us a small border but the freedom to claim a ridiculous amount of land that most don't even use. Its that precious people are claiming for selfish/greedy needs. I know there are other issues with the server and its impossible to please all but at least make it fair for new players. The server is growing rapidly and we must accommodate.

  • I think an expansion is Def needed but it needs to come when the staff is ready for it ( after the other bugs are worked out.. ). I would really love to see dynamap working with residence again to show where is already claimed. that might make it a little easier for people to find land but I agree it's very cramped.

  • I believe the sensible thing would be to make residences more expensive to make + create a taxation system on the size of land. That way people wouldnt claim land that they dont plan to use. Also expand the world, but maybe not to the extent of the old 1.12 world, since 1.14 is very laggy when it comes to this and could cause some problems. So maybe 7x7k for start and than make it bigger if everything works

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