Ideas for alternate ways to use money.

  • Because of the fact that we cant keep adding ranks to the server, and people are gonna end up with just having millions and millions. i suggest that we find some was to keep the game challenging yet fun i suppose, so heres my ideas for how we could potentially balance the economy system a little more. 👍 👍 👍

    • More crates that are buyable with ingame currency)
    • taxes on residences (% depending on number of residences)
    • weekly taxes (a set % of your current bal)
      If you guys have any other ways please post them below

  • I like the idea of crates.. I feel like we lack crates a lot and Mythic crates just have been sitting there for a little while but yet no updates on those. Taxes on res's would be good yes but aslong as its not too high because some people have big claims. It would be cool to be able to get a "Admin Shop" or "black market" where its a server side store where they sell cool unique items... what? not sure, but it seems cool.

  • Loveeeeee LLOOOOOOVEE the idea of crates for in game currency. Hate ( no offense ) the idea of taxes. because not everyone can play at the same rate or has a way of earning lots of in game cash so you start to limit their ability just because other people have more time to dedicate to it.. but for real in game money for crates? genius. shulker boxes or shells or depending on the price even something like pets or redstone redemption papers etc... obviously make some of the more expensive stuff rare.. could even include something like cow spawners or other common animal spawners. :3 good ideas tho encro keep it up xD

  • I love the idea of new crates but dislike the idea of taxes. Although it would be cool to have something to buy using ingame money.

  • @MaxTheWulf @LadyAnime having the same arguments is weak, yes not everyone can play all day like the rest of us no-lifers, but as it is stated above, the size of the residence won't matter, its a % of how many residences you own, so lets say you own 1 residence it could potentially be 1% and so forth so basically as stated in the post above already your argument for not liking the idea is invalid.

    and the idea behind taxes on your balance is just let's say you have 30 million, what are you supposed to use them on? nothing right, so if you have 30 million and you pay let's say 0.10% in taxes, that would be 30k a week, which is nothing compared to how much you earn in a day from the various jobs. its not like the taxes are going to be insanely high.
    cuz if the taxes were set to something like 10% that would be 3mil straight out of your pocket on the first week, which wouldn't be fair tbh.

    and honestly people might not like this idea, but rented shops would also be great for lowering the amount of money on the server and currently all the money that exists on the server is a total of 435 million, which is an insane amount of money.

  • I like the idea of the taxes but not in the main world so lets build on that idea, Maybe either intergrate a new world called premium which can only be accessed after paying a certain amount this world would be similar to resource but with higher concentration of resources, access to a variety of different plugins in this new world and its own nether. Players would be charged an upkeep cost to stay in that world and get booted out if they go broke or have tickets to pay for dungeon entry to get more interesting loot

  • Founder

    I can clearly see that you guys don't want the tax implemented :P.

    • @Encro_ I like the idea of implementing rented shops, that could work actually. We have the option to set up rentable shops that have an initial price and then pay some up-keep price each week/month. We just need to figure out the best price range, and tiers.

    • @OneRitzyWillow I don't think that would work as intended since brining more resource in the server could potencialy hurt the economy more. Also, not to mention, makes the whole economy thing more complex and hard to manage.

  • Would it be possible to make "Contracts of Service"? A player can create and sell contracts that would allow other players to hire them for manual labor.

    The contract would be a non stackable piece of paper that would contain the following:

    • Cost of service (paid upon purchase of contract and placed in a security bond)
    • Type of service (i.e. building, excavation, railroad laying, art commissions etc)
    • Chunk size of proposed service
    • A "teleport" button, which the buyer would use to teleport the contractor to the buyer's location
    • A "contract fulfilled" button that is pressed by the buyer upon satisfied completion of the contract, in which the agreed cost amount is transferred from the security bond to the contractor's account
    • Expiry time of contract upon failure to fulfill contract (either due to player unavailability or unsatisfactory contract fulfillment), in which the paid amount is automatically refunded to the buyer's account. This period is to be a maximum of 1 week real time.
    • The Contract item is bound to the buyer, and can only be removed once "contract fulfilled" or "expired" is activated, at which point the item can be removed and destroyed.

    Once bought, the contract would be under the buyer's complete control, since they are paying for the service.
    It would also be great if we could make the Contract Creation Interface user-friendly so that new low-ranking players can easily sell their services.