More crates

  • This was discussed on the server a few days ago but i would like to pitch it here so it gets more attention. I think there should be a few more crates on the server that do not have to be voted for or bought. My idea is that 5 more crates get added, the first being a common crate, in it is very easy things to get, such as a stack of wood, some iron ore, coal, or something that is very easy to obtain. The next, uncommon, containing some better tings, like gunpowder or some harder things to get, and this will scale up through the ranks of rare, epic, and legendary.

    How to get them i think should be
    Common keys would drop from mobs with a 1 in 100 drop rate, common keys can be traded up 9 to a uncommon, like an block of iron or diamond in the advanced table where all the other custom stuff is. Then, 9 uncommon to a rare, 9 rare to an epic, and 9 epic to legendary, so even if you get lots of common keys from farms, it will still take 1000 common keys for a legendary. so mob farms would not be overpowered and give off 1000s of legendary keys.

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