Ban Appeal: _Kaizen

  • Name: _Kaizen
    Date: August 7th 2019
    Banned by Console
    Reason: Harassment

    Alright, so I joined this server because I've been looking for a place to play Survival on. The one I used to play on is no longer exactly active, so I figured it was time to migrate. However, eventually it came to my attention that a person which I was formerly good friends with, known as MaxTheWulf happens to play here as well. He and I have had our differences and tensions in the past, but I've long learned to let all of that go. I began talking to an old friend again, which went by SheepFox on the server(also acquainted with Max). He decided to join with me on here while we were talking in a discord call, and had little to no interaction towards Max while we were doing our own thing(We had just told him to basically calm down.). The fact is, though. There was just about no verbal contact, we never verbally harassed him while he was spamming the chat with his rant messages, never tried to send a teleport request to him, and never came into any form of physical or visual contact with him. I had planned to keep it that way as well. I did know that there possibly would be a chance that he would act out on the both of us joining, but I don't see what justified that. Also, I will say that Sheep isn't nearly as interested in playing minecraft as I am.. so I cannot say if whether he cares enough to be unbanned or not(Not sure if he was, honestly.). But I do. Considering that Max plays here, and most likely regularly at that.. I understand that you would believe what he conveys as Sheep and I being "bad people". However, to be rational about this, that isn't exactly a fair situation to issue me a ban for harassment where no such event directly took place. That isn't an insult to any of the staff which dealt with this situation, if what I'm saying is taken that way, but this is rather a solid view on all of this. I'll say this, though.. If I am unbanned, I promise to continue to keep any negative interaction towards anyone, coming from me, on this server, to be at a non-existent level.


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