Turkain's ban appeal

  • What is your in-game name?
    What date were you banned?
    Who banned you?
    Why were you banned?
    Why do you want to be unbanned?
    Provide a screenshot that is presented when trying to login to DogeCraft
    I am Turkain
    I was banned for offensive signs and builds that I put up, mostly concerning Paradine. He was rude to me, and I did something immature and unnecessary to exact a childish revenge. In hindsight, it was incredibly uncalled for and I regret doing it.
    The server is actually a lot of fun to play on with my friends, who didn't substantially help me. If anything is done, please at least unban my friend who goes by Lombre. He only ever helped me put together parts of one building because I asked him to, and does not deserve to be banned for politely going along with a friend's dumb idea. (0_1542340142302_Screenshot (60).png )

  • This is your last chance to redeem yourself.

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