Which Farms are Allowed?

  • So i enjoy making farms for various items in mc, such as a mob farm or iron farm etc. And I have been on the server for a while (around 1 and a half years), and am still unclear on what farms are allowed or if all are allowed. So, I have included a list of farms, and could someone please clarify which ones are allowed and which ones aren't, especially for the new update. Thanks 🙂 appreciate it lots 😄
    -Iron farm
    -Mob farm (i know spawner farms are allowed, but like natural spawning farms like in regular vanilla)
    -Tree farm
    -melon/pumpkin farm
    -sugar cane/bamboo farm
    -villager breeder
    -auto crop farm (using villagers)

  • Admin

    Farms that do not use spawners are allowed to be automatic.

    This should tell you that:
    All forms of crop farms are allowed,
    Breeding villagers is allowed (doesn't require a spawner)

    Though you should also try to restrict the amount of redstone you use a bit, try to make something efficient that won't cause too much strain on the server.

    Basically, if it doesn't use a spawner and it's not too heavy on redstone, it's fine.

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