Tp Trapping

  • What is your in-game name?:CapitanBananaYT
    Player you are reporting:Paradine
    What type of rules was this player breaking :Tp Trapping
    How long was he breaking the rules for I don't know
    Screenshots/video of the player breaking rules?
    I was asking in the chat how to get coal rank (Because I dont know how) after that Paradine asked me to teleport to them and she/he used tnt to kill me I was expecting to get some tips how to get coal rank and all what i did was to get killed by Paradine Please Do Something About That. Here are some pictures of what we talked after he/she killed me
    0_1562179857858_2019-07-03_21.29.50.png 0_1562179895180_2019-07-03_21.30.04.png

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