Ban Appeal Skreelookabee

  • Name: Skreelookabee
    Time of ban: 17th of June, I saw the ban on the 18th of June though
    Staff member who banned: tigerpawsmittens
    reason: Xray
    Why I want to be unbanned: I haven't x-rayed? I don't even know why or what I was doing that would look like I was. If anything, I would also like to see proof or any kind of evidence I was because this kind of seems unfair. Not to, like, demonise your system, but I'm kind of a dumbass and I don't even know how to download mods??? or like.., resource packs?? sorry, I just kind of want to see what someone perceived as me x-raying

    0_1560862563206_Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 8.51.48 pm.png

  • Admin

    Looking into this now, will be back to you asap

  • Admin


    I've reversed your ban because I was unable to find sufficient evidence of xray, however, if you were, I do recommend removing the client, mods or resourcepacks from your computer.

    Consider this lucky, if you are caught using xray, you will likely be banned permanently without appeal.

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