Banishment Appellation for CORWIM

  • Banned

    What is your in-game name?
    My in-game name is Corwim.
    What date were you banned?
    I was banned on the date 6/17/10`9
    Who banned you?
    "JoacoMod" (real asshole)
    Why were you banned?
    I was banned because I was deliberately attacked by someone who abused their powers. I was accused of "x-raying" which is false! I have and never will cheat.
    Why do you want to be unbanned?
    So I can grief JoacoMods house and make more holes So I can be nice and kind and live peacefully not disturbing anyone
    Provide a screenshot that is presented when trying to login to DogeCraft

  • Staff


    I know I'm not the staff member who banned you, but this appeal is completely unacceptable.

    The ban was just, your mines were suspicious.

    Finally, don't ever be rude in appeals. Bashing a staff member or anyone in an appeal will result in your appeal being denied.

    You may re-appeal in 2 weeks

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