Hopper Rule Needs to be changed

  • The whole rule about the hoppers in a 10 x 10 chunk is a bit vague and I would like to explain why... The whole 10 x 10 chunk area is such a big area to the point that it's more than just 10 x 10. I would like for you to spend some time to understand where I'm coming from and what I mean by this.


    So, lets start with the shape of my house.. each log represents locations where hoppers are going to be. The bottom log, is where my auto smelter is currently at. The top right is the auto storage and the top left is the farms with storage. My house takes up 431 chunks, and since a 10 x 10 chunk area is 100 chunks total, I'm going to take my house and divide it into 4ths.


    So of course the blocks are massive compared to the tiny scale... But pretend that's 100 chunks in each section/square (including borders.) Now lets say/pretend that there's 200 hoppers in the auto smelter, 200 hoppers in the storage, and 200 hoppers in the farms. Each one of them are in its "own" 10 x 10 of chunks right?


    So here's each "10 x 10" marked out... Well, I know you're thinking "WAIT Max! they're close to each other, they fit in a 10 x 10 chunk radius!"


    and you're right!
    BUT! Notice how there's those previous 10 x 10's in their sections? That also means no hoppers can go there either, in any of those.


    Lets pretend you start telling me that that glowstone is the official 10 x 10 of chunks right?
    So lets say, I put some hoppers right outside of that glowstone 10 x 10...


    Well the issue is, you'd then be making a new 10 x 10, saying that they're too close (the andesite.)

    so... overall,


    With all of this being said, I cant place ANY hoppers if 200 is put in any location in my house.
    The light blue glass is a little hard to see, but that's the "10 x 10" and that lime, is where I can't place ANY hoppers because the "10 x 10" can move in any location no matter what because of how big the area is.
    So overall, what the rule is saying, is no hoppers, in a much much larger scale.. I'm not perfectly sure how to calculate how many chunks that is EXACTLY but you get the idea, my guess is a 100x100 chunks or 99x99 chunks, not sure..

    Why I bring this up, is because I would love for this rule to be changed, or at least reduce the size of the area or allow more hoppers or something... We already have a 3 tick hopper delay where it skips every 3 ticks, so that already helps with lag... and maybe we can start a way to where if players use hoppers in very lag friendly ways, maybe they could be approved by the staff?
    Also another thing about the hoppers is the fact we have forced rendering anyways so that also helps a bunch too..

    This is the best I could explain this vagueness.. I hope you could understand this. Thank you for your time.

  • @MaxTheWulf I doubt it works like this but if I could I would give up use of all hoppers if you could have just a few more for your wonderful huge scary mansion ;3 I think this is well thought out and I always wondered about that rule as well.. ^^:

  • since you decided to make such a long post and put effort into it.
    You can put as many hoppers as you wish in your builds as long as it is not intentionally there to lag out the client and server.
    This stands until the map is reset and on 1.14.2


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