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    Yeah, that's why I'm more for the reset over against. There are only a few people (I know of) that want to keep their builds, so the schematics thing might work.

    All good things come to an end at some point. I have played where people went giddy over a restart on a new map, and it had a lot of returning players too.
    A map can feel old and tired after a while ... people complain of having nothing to do. If some items can be taken across to the fresh world then that would give people a good start then that is a bonus. Remember you can take screen shots of your creations and keep them forever 🙂
    So I say enjoy 1.12.2 while it's here and look forward and plan for 1.14 🙂 a better world

    ^ And this is a good point, fresh world, new version, more opportunities. Some items will transfer to my knowledge, as well as jobs, ranks, balance and other things. The only thing that's properly going is the world, and that'll still be up to download and view.

  • I honestly am -for- the reset. I've asked some of the players that have been around for a while and have some of the biggest builds etc to lose and they were also -for- the reset. My biggest issue is now that we know it -could- happen or might... well I honestly don't want to build until it does? So my entire... everything, is packed up just... waiting. I've had no motivation to play 😞 I know I could go dig.. it's what I usually do. But yeah.. I know at least a hand full of people feel the same. It's hard to know a big world changing thing is going to happen -eventually- but without even a ball park "2020" it's still hard to keep motivation for what we know is a slowly dying world.. ^^:: I know you guys will take care of us - someone suggested us saving our material possessions on the resource world when the wipe does come, which I thought was a genius idea. I just really hope we get to keep - job levels, mcmmo levels, pretty much anything that is attached to our characters ranks etc.. and inventory in some way.. I've personally already packed up in shulker boxes xD
    Anyhow there's my two cents xD thanks for all the hard work!

  • Now to officially say
    1.14.2 transfering:
    Players will keep items that will be put into a world like market and transfered to 1.14.2
    Players will keep their Economy
    Players will keep their Job level
    Players will keep their Paid and in-game ranks
    The world side tho, to be honest it would not take that much if I just take the main world remove the plugins and leave the world for spectating it would take a small portion of the server but not really something that would effect us in any way. I hope this is a clear enough understanding of what we are trying to do here. We value all the players that stuck through everything for all this time. and @LadyAnime tbh. I would recommend planning something for 1.14 like collecting some building materials... to save up so you can build something awesome in 1.14.2

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  • tho some people cant run because their pc's,i have to use a client to run 1.14 at like what 10fps


  • @ionut88888 you can use optifine

  • @ionut88888 the end of one thing can bring start of something better

  • I can put up a server for the old world if enough people want me to and niko gives me that world but unless someone makes plugins then I cant I am pretty shit at java (Just an idea niko dont kill for mentioning this for the other players ree)

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    Wouldn't be the same~

    Besides, I'm pretty sure we're setting up something that might allow you to view your creations in spectator mode.