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  • Age:16

    Minecraft Username:xNojus900x

    Discord Username (ID):Nojus #8815

    Timezone:11:35:44 EET
    Friday, 16 November 2018 Europe

    Do you have access to discord and a working microphone? yes i have acces but the mic is a little broken so my voice can be little understandable

    Do you have screenshotting software such as Gyazo, Lightshot, Imgur? I have Imgur

    Do you have the ability to record Minecraft videos? Yes

    Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)? Yes

    How much time do you have to contribute to the role? about 4-7h

    What is encouraging you to become a Helper on DogeCraft? I Want to help this server become a famous server and i will help advirtise this server
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    Why should we choose you over other applicants? I can be active for a really long time also i have experience for staff

    Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so please include details. Yes, i have i was banned for Disrespecting staff

    Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? (Can be anything) Disrespecting staff on servers and i applied for an unban and got it and i learned from it that disrespecting staff wouldn't make you a better person

    If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft? Well im a singer pretty good for 16 year old

    Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience? Yes

    What would help to keep you most motivated within a staff team?***

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    @ShotgunPlays Not a good attribute that you've been warned and muted on the server mr Nojus. 🙂

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