[ Welcomes Shop! ]

  • So I've come across some ideas, and I was asked to brainstorm some ideas for the welcomes shop, and so here's a list of some things I think would be nice to have.

    #1. Welcome Sword
    I don't know what it would have, but something unique. We only have a Doge sword where as in the advanced crafting for tools and stuff, we can make all these cool things. So a unique sword would be really cool.

    #2. Music
    Not sure what songs there are, but maybe All Star? lol

    #3. Pets
    Maybe Doge Pet??

    #4. Emotes
    Happy, and or Surprised emote?

    #5. Particles
    In Love, Party Time, and or Enchanted particles

    #6. Arrow Effects
    Confetti, Love, or Music arrow effects

    #7. Crate Keys?? (expensive though)

    #8. Money or doge pouches

    #9. MAYBE Doge Gear, but really expensive, or special armor

    #10. Fly Books

    #11. Death Effects

    #12. Title? or chat color or something? who knows

    Some of these would be cool to have, and it puts good use to the cosmetics. If there's anymore ideas, let me know and I'll add them to the list. Thank you


  • Admin

    Titles thing may not work, since the prefixes for donor ranks are done through tags (to my knowledge, it automatically picks the highest tag you own).. Might be possible through a suffix, but it might look weird.

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