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  • Hey guys I've had this thought for a while and it was further cemented when Kelboroth joined. A lot of us have come from other servers but there are new people that haven't played minecraft let alone a server. I was wondering if the wiki could get an update? Two categories I see as needing a face lift. A listing of current staff ( just in game names and rank would be fine ) but also it would be wonderful to have a list of commands. I'm not even sure how long that list would be but it would be super useful to those of us that can't remember a command or are new and never knew them to begin with. There could even be a section for commands unlocked with ranks. Even things as mundane as /back or /welcomes shop. I'm sure the server has lots of commands I don't even know about. Like do we have a playername search command? or /lastseen ? /totalhours? 🙂 I know you guys work very hard and I appreciate it a lot, just trying to help make Doge even better 😄 Thanks for taking the time to read this!

  • Hey @LadyAnime , thanks for your suggestion. I was thinking of making the wiki page editable by trusted players, maybe even anyone who wants to. That would make the wiki page more freshly updated 🙂 ... I will try to implement the thing today if i find the time and will let you know as soon as it's ready.

  • @pustinek Eee! That would be amazing! I'm really excited 🙂 Thank you!!

  • So yesterday i was trying to come up with different way to enable other users to edit the wiki page but i couldn't find any that would be easy to implement/use. So i believe the other second best option is to just post the text you want to change right here in the ideas & Feedback. And i will make sure to update it as soon as i can. thanks 🙂

  • @pustinek perfect as an update I did receive this and am working on a list for you 🙂 sorry it's taking a while but I am taking my time to make sure I write everything down that I can 🙂 thank you!

  • If anyone can think of more commands feel free to let me know and I will edit this listing - I might even edit it next week when I have more time to play and lurk to observe what commands everyone else uses. ;3 For now here are my lists, I would request three different tabs like "Shop" and "Getting Started" on the wiki page but "Commands" "Staff" and "Useful Residences"
    Listing of stuff for the wiki
    Please note these are obviously not all the useful residences on the server but just the ones that have come up in conversation several times over the past few days alone.

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