General chat

  • I've had this thought before but there wasn't a need. Today was a very uncomfortable day of several minors talking in general chat about topics that were probably better suited to PMs. instead of having to physically ignore each person ( several of them. and nicknames make it hard to know who is who... ) maybe we can have a "/leave g" or something similar to turn off general chat? I don't want to miss the interaction with other players especially when staff is around and talking but there are times I would rather just dig in silence or situations which quickly became very uncomfortable to watch. 😕 Just a thought! I'm not sure how difficult it is to program or if it is worth the time to do so but please take it into consideration! Thank you very much 🙂

  • Admin

    I believe there are chat control plugins that are available which allow this to work, usually they split them up into separate channels, such as local, global, party etc.

    As of now, you have the right to tell players to take it to PMs or local chat if they are disturbing you or talking about subjects which may potentially offend, upset or disturb others, or alternatively use the /ignore <player> command to hide their messages.

    Thanks for the input though, I totally agree we should be able to leave general chat if people are being irritating, disturbing or offensive.

    EDIT: Will enforce this more strictly in the server, call someone if you believe a conversation is becoming unsuitable for global chat.

  • Yeah I did ask them to stop and even one of the people -in- the conversation was saying "STOP" and it kinda kept going for a bit... eventually they did but I didn't want to block 5+ people? ^^; normally I don't have an issue and enjoy interacting with these people. Just wish I had not been online during that time frame .. but yes thank you for considering this! 🙂