My Apologies

  • MaxTheWulf
    5/7/19 at 7:30PM, Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-6)

    Banned for language but held for arguing with staff.

    During the amount of time that I’ve been gone, it’s come to thought that maybe I was in the wrong. I get and understand where I was coming from, but in the end, I still said things in chat that were against the rules. Yes, I do think staff took it a little too far, but it takes two people to make an argument. So I am sorry for what I’ve done/did. With that being said, I won’t ever say the word again, not even irl anymore after what I learned with said word. If I could get a unban soon or immediately, that would be great because DogeCraft is the only server I play on. I personally enjoy the server and I vote on the daily. I’ve even been voting while I’ve been gone. Being banned for the situation is a bit far but with the ban being held for arguing with staff, then I understand and will do my best to not let it happen again. I hope that things can be reconsidered… so thank you for taking your time on reading this.

    -= Side Note =-
    I know its a "re-submit" after a week, but this is just an add-on to my original ban, I've been debating and might even delete the old ban appeal.



    Staffmember: you are not allowed to say that word
    MaxTheWulf: bet.
    Staffmember: At least i didnt warn or ban u
    MaxTheWulf: Tiger if you warned me, i'd report you to higher staff.
    MaxTheWulf: Tiger, I even cencored it... 3 times
    Staffmember: And even if it is censored, I still dont think its allowed
    MaxTheWulf: Then ask Before you just assume
    Staffmember: Cause it falls in hate speech
    MaxTheWulf: Hate speech!??!

    The basic reason the ban will stay for now is arguing with staff and making a scene in added chatlogs that can be viewed through #Survival (information of you bending rules before has also been provided)

    ☠ Apply for a ban appeal again in 2 weeks and we will be reconsidiring the unban.

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