On the Ethics of Chat

  • It has come to my attention (and that of others I have spoken to individually), that questionable and unethical practices have been haunting the chat as of late. Aside from the usual trolling, an emergence of overtly sexual commentary has risen to a borderline alarming point. I'd like to remind everyone that flirtatious banter already lies on the fringes of what is appropriate and what is not, and descending further into this realm is quite serious indeed. Allow me to elaborate:
    Don't talk about your sex life.
    Refrain from sharing your "knowledge" of hypersexualized topics.
    And never, under any circumstances, should you converse with a user under the age of 18 in a flirtatious manor. It's inexplicably disgusting and needs to stop.

    (Disambiguation: To those who disregard the sexual pleasantries as "jokes", please realize that I wouldn't be posting this if I thought otherwise. I've been on this server for a comparatively long time now, and never before through all the trolling, shaming, harassment, and racism have I been so saddened with the status of the chat).

  • Will take into a count, I have talked to staff to inforce the rules more on chat.

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