Ban Appeal?

  • What is your in-game name? DogeTank
    What date were you banned? 2019 05 02
    Who banned you? joaco1258
    Why were you banned? X-ray?
    Why do you want to be unbanned? Well, I started enjoying this server and playing in it.
    Provide a screenshot that is presented when trying to login to DogeCraft:
    P.S I don't know why I got banned for x-ray, I just joined the server, started mining. For some reason this person thought I'm x-raying. Well, I want evidence :C I wouldn't even write this, but one guy was really friendly, I want to say thanks to him for helping out new by's.

  • Admin


    Due to being a little uncertain whether your ban was just or not, we decided to reduce it to a week only.

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