Spawners and dogestrongboxes debate

  • I no longer wish to play in the server. There's no need to talk crap about the server but I feel like there has been a recent update that was completely game breaking and made the server almost entirely pay to win. As a result I am quitting for at least a little while and selling my stuff.

    Up for grabs:
    345 Blaze Spawners
    750 Cave Spider Spawners
    100 Spider Spawners
    75 Skeleton Spawners
    75 Zombie Spawners
    20 Creeper Spawners
    12 Cow Spawners
    4 Rabbit Spawners
    2 Snow Golem Spawners
    2 Mooshroom Spawners
    1 Wither Skele Spawner
    1 Polar Bear Spawner
    1 Llama Spawner

    1 Christmas Sword
    1 Doge Pick
    1 Doge Shovel
    1 Doge Axe
    1 Vortex Pick
    1 Halloween Sword
    2 Doge Bows
    1 Speed Armor Set
    1 Full Doublechest of Emerald Block
    20 Stacks of Diamond Block
    10 Coloshite
    64 Alexandrite

    I have other stuff too but that's the main drag. Hit me up here, in game, or in discord dms if you're interested.

  • which update? the voting rewards?
    The only other upate is small percantage blaze slime and villager spawners in the doge crates?

  • @Niko302 The doge crates one specifically. It may be a "small chance" but I remember getting 1 creeper spawner in 20 doge strongboxes but I know someone who already got 3 villager spawners out of one 10x boxes purchase. I understand why you diversified the rewards but it takes all of the effort out of the most useful items. Villagers take effort to cultivate, slime farms take time to find and dig out, both of those two things are tremendous boosters to server activity because while yes, not everyone is going to do it, the people who do are going to spend extraordinary amounts of time cultivating those farms for profit. Whereas now someone can just drop $50 on the website and never have to worry about making an effort again.

  • @Niko302 In my opinion, an option that would be more fair to the economy and legacy players who have put hundreds of hours into the server would be niche spawners that aren't as big of an impact on the eco like wither skeles, rabbits, magma cubes etc. Things that are useful but won't basically crash the value of hard earned resources.

    For instance, everyone thinks of wither skeles as a game breaker but in reality nether stars and beacons will never make someone $1mil because even the richest players only need 15-20 and then they're done. For instance I have 13 grinders and only employ 10 beacons, 8 of which are 100% for aesthetic purposes.

    Rabbits at first glance also seem game breaking but they aren't because the only benefit they yield is making alchemy an easier skill to farm. No one uses potions of leaping with the server's custom enchants so it's more of a convenience than an economic threat.

    Magma cubes have basically the same effect as rabbits. I think the creeper spawners are more than enough game breaking to suit the server in doge strong boxes and at the end of the day this will only make it harder for new players to get a start as it's essentially ruining the last stronghold for economic progression. Thank God Thi wasn't able to convince you to put guardian spawners in the boxes too because then we'd really be screwed.

  • @Niko302 If we're being 100% honest the only way for new players to make real money is via hunter grinding. There is no other skill that can get you high tier mining equipment/armor/weapons fast enough to incentivize player retention given that while yes everyone can afford a double chest of stone brick, it takes a week or more for a player to afford their first high end pick to mine with unless someone is nice enough to help them with an average of 3 hours played per day. (Before you all jump in talking about how you can make 300k in an hour, I'm talking about brand new players who are just starting out and still trying to afford their first effic5 haste 3 pick) There is no admin shop because the economy is 100% jobs and player based, and when you make valuable resource spawners available for a price you essentially transfer the entire economy to players who can drop $100-$200 on the server. If that's what you wish to do you might as well sell Thi a co owner spot.

  • @PortableDaddy thank you for bringing the issues to the table.

    We had a private conversation in the staff lounge and decided to take into account your suggestion.
    We decided to replace villager spawners with magma spawners.
    We have also recently added a way for F2P players to get 1 free crate (100 votes) each month by voting on the server with other verious rewards like 5$ (150 votes) on the store which can total up to 2 crates per month.
    While creeper spawners yes those really do not have much of an impact on gameplay other than making fireworks and TNT for fun.
    Taking into a count that even if you get a spawner Auto clickers and afking is not allowed which means you have to kill each mob by hand thus leaving people to put an effort into grinding.
    Talking about tools if you buy dogecrates on the store it does give you an advantage but not making it P2W since better tools can be obtained with in-game crafting.

    If You Have Any Questions or Concerns, Please Contact me on discord:


  • This post is deleted!
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