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    Early today for me (9:00AM) I looked at discord to see Niko talking about adding more rewards to the vote system, as we currently had access to just a pet egg that was quoted by many as "useless and creepy" people would have a total pass on it as it was just cosmetic. None the less I considered this as something to be greatful for many thanks for this redeemable item as filler in your busy time schedule.

    Here I will suggest a few replacements that would satisfy the constant voters (who end up advertising indirectly by keeping their votes up) and possibly Intice more people into voting.
    500 points- morphs (currently players only have access to giant and maybe snowgolem if they bought a kit)
    300 points- Spawner of some kind (suggestion Pig or something not seen yet)
    100 points- Hellforge I /ce (there is a constant race going on for who can buy the hellforge books fastest)
    50 points- some kind of pet that has not been seen yet, example I have seen a player sporting a new pet that has not been released yet although I suspect there are others that we have not seen
    3 points- 16 diamonds

  • That would work if the rewards were earned over each season so we have a month left of spring, so start it at the beginning of June.
    Voting every day in May would earn you 186 votes without grabbing the extra vote, Maybe if 150 votes earned in the month of May wins you a doge box. Give players something they might achieve with a little effort. 🙂

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