Shop Building Contest (30x30 max Design) 8mil + In prizes! Ends May 1st.

  • Hello all,

    As some of you may have seen in global chat today in DogeCraft I said I will be announcing a community building giveaway today! The rules are simple, you have to build a shop design accommodating at least 100 chests (they do not have to be double chests but bonus points if you have some).

    The maximum dimensions are as follows:
    Max height above grass/surface: 26 Blocks
    Max depth beneath surface/grass:30 Blocks
    Max x/z dimensions: 30x30 (Must fit in a 30x30 square)

    There will be three prizes:
    1st Place: 2.5 Mil - or Doge Store purchase equal to or less than the value of a 10x Doge Strongbox Package (Up to $27 or less in the doge store)

    2nd Place: 1.5 Mil - Or Doge store purchase equal to or less than the value of a Redstone Rank Upgrade. ($17 or less)

    3rd Place: 1 Mil - Or Doge store purchases equal to or less than $10

    **You may also choose to combine prize options (Example: Redstone rank + 800k if you win first place because the equivalent value is 2.5mil in game)

    Bonus Prizes:
    The first and second place winners will also be paid 1.5mil each to reconstruct their submissions on my shop plots in the market! You are also permitted to leave signs on your work so that everyone who enters the shop knows who built it.

    Alternatively - My alt does not yet own a shop plot therefore if you would like to build your submission straight into a shop plot and sell it to me - that will also work.

  • oof I can't build 😞

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