Survival Another Nether Expansion Please

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    There are many new players all trying to get their hands on blaze spawners, and the market price for blaze spawners has risen to around 100k meaning the price is inflated. Is there any chance of expanding the border for the nether again for survival?

  • @OneRitzyWillow I can neither confirm nor deny my role in the price rising to 100k but I would love it if they expanded the nether either way xD

    However expanding the nether won't make it easier for newbies to get blaze spawners because of people with fly - which is precisely why I work so hard to make a large selection of free - public grinders so anyone whether rich or poor can grind like a king.

  • Admin

    @PortableDaddy, the Nether was expanded following this thread anyway I believe. I don't think there'll be another expansion any time soon.

  • I had a poke about yesterday and found blaze spawners in the original area of the nether I think like 1.5k from center. So there are a few about I think some spawners are just hidden, people grab what they see and don't dig a little deeper. Also many of the chests still have loot ....I even found diamonds 😛

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