Table of public grinders and other areas

  • Hello everyone and long time no see.

    Since a friendly player informed me about the fact that nearly no new player knows of my Blaze farm, I thought to myself - how about a list with every existing grinder (and their warp).

    Feel free to add a comment to this topic with your own grinder, the associated warp and the special quirks and features of it.
    I hope this table helps new players to find their way around.

    When we're at it, I'll start with my grinder right away:

    Blaze grinder @ /res tp sblaze
    The grinder is free to use and (of course) open to the public. It features a little bit over 100 blaze spawners and mob drops are turned off.

  • /res tp listed_grinders is a warp made for reference to discover grinders

    currently I have listed a few however if more need to be listed then please inform me

    right now there is the following for mob grinders,
    /res tp sblaze (blazes) owner iholz
    /res tp willow (blazes) owner madamwillow
    /res tp mob_farm variety (currently disabled due to maintainance) owner joaco
    /res tp grinders variety owner portabledaddy
    /res tp divide_mobs variety (normally hostile) owner madamwillow
    /res tp whitewater variety normally (non-hostile and wither skeleton) owner madamwillow

  • I am planning on building a non-spawner Creeper farm, that will accomodate the farming of TNT, Cds and creeper heads. To view the progress on my work, visit:
    /res tp TheBigCreeper, owned by me, VietnameeGuy

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