Whos_Blue & LmaoToothPick - Scamming auction system

  • What is your in-game name? PortableDaddy
    Player you are reporting: LmaoToothpick + Whos_Blue
    What type of rules was this player breaking (Hacking, spamming, advertising, etc.)? Scamming the auction system
    How long was he breaking the rules for? 20-30 minutes
    Screenshots/video of the player breaking rules?

    As you can see in the 3 screenshots included in the imgur link, immediately after I told blue not to bid on items he did not want to buy (Because he won an auction for a book then immediately resold it for exactly as much as he bought the book for) his response to me was a confession to working with Lmaotoothpick to scam the auction system.

  • pmed the player