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    Hello, i am looking to withdraw my ban. I got banned for asking if hacking is allowed( or so i think) because it was not in the rules and when i said "if it is im leaving because this is unfair " they stared saying stuff like "go ahead try and see what happens" and being all rude and almost mocking. It may be that it is uncommon for someone to use inappropriate words to respond to unfriendly comments.I am still not sure if it was because of that or for some other reason i do not know off, because the reason i was given was "bye" and it said i got banned by console. I did not know any better than to argue and can promise that i will not do it by any means again. I was on the server for 5 min and had no chance to learn what wrong or right or what the community overall is like, all i saw was that there was a small amount of players that already avoided giving me advice and help but rather went to getting me banned,. I would love to play on the server and will promise that it will not happend again. Thank You and bye - AlientTail (1lollol1)

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