in game restart Rankup system

  • its Been a long time and I got a cool idea, what if someone that gets to rank
    MASTERY had an option to rank up to a paid rank? Starting over form 0 non paid ranks?
    its an idea to make f2p and also don't destroying the economy and stuff + players are willing to play more since more you play more money you get

  • @BearThatRun not a terrible idea (for once) but i dont really see it happening tbh

  • @BearThatRun so trading normal rank for paid one ?...coal to lapis or obsidian to vip ?

  • Helper

    I dont think it will fly well but in the case it does how about we expand on the idea with the following, maybe a player that does not have a paid rank can trade mastery up for coal rank followed by lapis. Then after that can trade it for a 5$ /buy shop credit which can be stacked each time you reach the goal (this to prevent any serious loss on the servers side for dontations that would go towards keeping the server up).

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