To the dogecraft community

  • So as everyone probably knows, skyblock hasnt been very popular lately, but i do just want everyone to know that skyblock is still in beta. and we (prospectum and me) are working hard on coming up with ideas to make skyblock interesting and enjoyable for both new players aswell as old ones. So i hope you will all be patient and hopefully we will get it all back on track.
    Also if you have any ideas on how to improve the experience on the server please reply to my post, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Lots of love..

  • just yeet it

  • Well hello encro_ and fam 😛 as of what I am aware of the skyblock server has some options in /sb that need to be either hidden or completed these functions are "the [Welcome] signs" and "challenges/quests", if niko gets [Welcome] signs working players will be able to do wonderous things with them. In the idea that with an active teleport point people can make possitive structures to challenge other players like parkour maps, mazes and player owned dungeons, or just use the [Welcome] sign as a way to get people to their shops or grinders. However as an alternative suggestion perhaps if niko did not want to add in [Welcome] signs he could do paid warps in the /buy shop it would function similar but require a staff member to set the warp at an /is.

  • What? Prospectum_ on skyblock? 😮