wasnt this a bit too much ? ...

  • well, i know that i wanted to raise the prices of spawners and ig and villagers are in good price now imo, but look at other spawners...

    Enderman spawner - 2mil$
    16 ender pearls - 250$
    So, to get another enderman spawner from using it, you would need to get 128 thousands enderperals (128000). (1 double chest can hold 3456 items. so u would need to have 37 double chests filled with ender pearls from JUST 1 SPAWNER? if we do it in numbers - yeah - but in real minecraft - no - why? coz ender pearls stack up to 16 items max, not 64 so we would need 4 times mre double chests than 37 so we would need 148 DOUBLE CHESTS (all would prbbly be connected by EXPENSIVE HOPPERS) filled with ender pearls... all this to get 1 new enderman spawner - from just using one) (This is imposible)
    This is CRAZY and 90% of ppl know that theese spawners arent worth it so they are selling enderman spawners for... 1k$

    the same thing goes with creeper spawners but im too lazy to calculate this

    All screenshots and calculations are attached to my post.

    Tell me what u think abbout this, dogecraft community.

    0_1549822407551_2019-02-10_19.03.09.png 0_1549822447090_calculations.png 0_1549822489383_2019-02-10_19.11.42.png 0_1549822499996_2019-02-10_19.11.47.png

  • I agree. The prices are a bit high.

  • Helper

    Just dont use the shop to buy spawners. Using /ah to buy is much better, and server shops are meant as a suggestion anyways, not a guideline. If I was running the server Spawners would be in the /buy only, and they are very generous to add them to the shop as well as vote crates.

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