Rank prestige

  • add rank prestige so we can start over 🙂

  • @Encro_ thats a VERY GOOD idea, if there was "prestige" rank that would give an exclusive item like guardian spawner and start over with ranks, money or even whole island, this would be AMAZING

  • well, i did think about it and the "reset island idea" isnt the smartest one, people just could get their spawners to /ec or /pv or even friend's island so there is no point of deleting island i think 🤔

  • Maybe not exclusive items cuz it would be abused but maybe paying 50 millions to prestige and get a xp & $ bonus of 2% everytime or something like it.

  • 2% money bonus (when selling iron or other items) would be awesome, but it would work like clicker games lmao, i mean that after some time we would get 2x more money than before which still - isnt that op - but ppl would get more and more and it would be easier to get % bonus, imagine lord vagin's bonus 😜 he is making a lot of money and he would be skyblock god after month or less

  • Maybe a total restart of SB with you only keeping items you got from the Doge store 😉 so like the SB now was like Beta and we all move to gameplay with most bugs and economy fixed 😉

  • @Annie_Key that is an good idea, but i would do it anyways. Joaco spent a lot of time on our island, we wouldnt want to lose it all. its b00tifull

  • honestly i dont think you should get anything, i believe prestige should also be free. like in CoD u know

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