Skyblock needs major fixing pls

  • There r a lot of things wrong with skyblock to fix here is a list i might add more if any more come to mind or i find out about more things ty ily, some of these are just preference and quality of life improvements.

    • Bank notes from envoy dont work at all neither do things from /transfer

    • The shop sells netherwart but no soul sand or netherrack

    • the nether is literally 1 block of bedrock...

    • Chicken spawners make an extremely low ammount of money compared to cow and pig spawners (this might be intentional idk)

    • Sheep spawners are missing, this might be intentional also

    • When you buy a stack of water from /shop it gives it to you in a stack but when i place 1 of them the whole stack dissapears

    • I would like to see more variety for building blocks like mossy stone bricks and such.

    • When you buy a rank the cobble gen upgrade doesn't seem to work. (this might have been 1 time bug or something idk)

    • Pressing tab doesn't auto complete someones name

    • Add is warps so others can visit

    • Add is challenges to keep it interesting

  • @joaco1258 said in Skyblock needs major fixing pls:

    the nether is literally 1 block of bedrock...

    We are able to change the nether part, but what should we add ?
    Chicken spawners are intentional
    Minecraft buckets do not stack by default if you want us to add a plugin please suggest it 🙂
    Please give us a list of the blocks you would want us to add 🙂
    Fixed generator
    Tab should work after restart
    WARPS ADDED /IS warp
    Working on challenges rn

  • #InfiniteWaterbucket #StackableSpawners #SkyblockMinions

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