Ban appeal

  • Gareth_Barry
    afk botting using auto teleport and auto click
    I've enjoyed playing on the server over the past week and a bit with my friend. I do genuinely believe that this is one of those rare servers that ticks all the boxes in terms of what I'm looking for in a server.


    I would just like to add a bit of an explanation. I didn't achieve this through a hacked client or something similar, which might of been assumed. I set up a simple macro that would click the left button every few seconds, whilst holding right click the whole time, making sure I ate. I then set it up to type /kit starter and /home mob, thus making sure I was fed and was always in the right position. (I suppose i'm guilty of auto-typing as well).

    I would like to mention that this is the first time i'd ever attempted doing this. I regret it.
    I wasn't aware that this was a bannable offence as I'd seen a few people in chat talking about how many fish they had caught, with some in the 10's of thousands. I had assumed this was through the use of automation and that it was accepted. (Not an excuse!)

    I've put in quite a few hours in to this server, (recently reaching level 50 mining!) and would be sad to see them wasted, I hope this can be resolved.

  • Admin


    You may reappeal in two weeks.

    Unfortunately, it is believed that your ban is just and it will not be removed right now. This is due to the evidence that was put forward to us.

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