The Curse of Skyblock Pickaxes

  • maybe its just me but.....
    since the only mining we do in skyblock is in the generator, wich is basically 1 block at a time: why does every op picks are cursed with friggin blast 3....

    i was offered a starlord pick, cant used it cuz blast 3.
    i wont a galactic pick, cant use it cuz blast again.
    then i tought i was a genius and went to buy a doge pick.... friggin blast 3 !!!

    can we have op pick that are actually usable in skyblock please?

  • Helper

    arrawn come see my gen tomorrow. we made it blast proof xD

  • place pistons and have them push the generated ores, thats how we make the most use of the blast function

  • you can make a 3x3 generator

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