Certain Additions / Things To Be changed

  • Heyo, find below random things seen by myself and others that might need changing/adjusting;

    … When typing "/help" the command "/is" appears twice.
    … Entity clear clears item frames.
    … Sell wand isn't able to sell cooked porkchops.
    … Said Island homes in which you can upgrade for money only applies to the island owner.
    … Removal of items in the treasure crate; (2 cow spawn eggs/pig spawn eggs), 64 xp bottles.
    … Removal of items in the rare crate; 16 basic golden apples, kit marksman (maybe even protector). Add starlord kit instead maybe?
    … Any way of knowing when sky hunts are gonna happen.
    … Entity clear a little less often, not too much of a change needed.
    … Fly donation goal to work on skyblock too.
    … Store items to be made unbreakable and maybe even soulbounded. (Fishing rods)

    Sky Pass 😉
    Will post another forum about this.

  • In spawn the Discord villager needs to have the Discord link 😉

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