Arrawn's Suggestions : Part 1

  • Discord Ranks
    Donators from the Survival Server have their ranks on discord but the Donators from the Skyblock Server do not.
    I Suggest to pair Skyblock donator ranks with their Survival counterparts.
    EX: Coal/Donor , Lapis/Marksmen, ....

    Skyblock Secure Chests
    Im sure many of you have tought of inviting someone to use their skyblock mobfarm but were affraid for their personal storage chests. Right?
    I suggest we get something alike Sign Protect to protect our chests from being accessed by anyone, even people we team with.
    (the plugin allows 4 names per chests and prevent chests from being accessed/destroyed/hopper'ed/blowup/anything.)

    Skyblock Vote Party
    It really sux to have to go check the skyblock server every 15 minutes to know if the vote party is happening soon in order to not miss it.
    We should receive our vote crate so long as we are on any dogecraft server in my opinion.

    Survival Community Goal
    Since donations on both servers can trigger the community goal, it would be fair that skyblock people were given a vote key when the goal is achieved.
    (i understand that giving us /fly might go against the idea of skyblock, wich is why i suggest a vote key to compensate)

    I have more ideas but i think this is enuff for one post, ill will make another ideas post later.

    Arrawn13, Dwarf King, Leader of Chickens, Butcher of Cows.

  • I agree. Also make crates instant in skyblock or like in survival opening 30 of them not cool.
    +1 cookie for Arrawn13, Dwarf King, Leader of Chickens, Butcher of Cows.

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