some stuff that need to be changed/fixed

    1. Silverfish need a buff they are rare and there are only a few spawners on the whole server they need to be better the blaze since you can make farm with 100blaze spawner but goo luck creating same size for silverfish

    2. /vote top doesn't work every time also the /crates vote number 1 is glitched? fix for my ego 😉

    3. Alchemist job has bad potions needs some improvement

    4. Builder should get no fall dmg when they get /top command like a package

    5. Woodcuter lvl 100 has tree chopper (I forgot the name) non stop

    6. /rtp 30sec cd not 1min

    7. Better vote crates 8 lapis or iron blocks if thats a reward make it 64 and remove creeper head reward the is enchant called lightning.....

    8. Add info for stuff like the bonus per lvl for each job and IF spawners are changed (range spawn, max spawn, spawner active range) or they are normal? So that I can build a design in creative...

  • Why do you want silverfish spawners in the first place? Do they have value? (Just a question, not being sarcastic or something)

  • @JoelXGaming Yeha job hunter they are worth 7.38$ 5.39xp they need a buff. Maybe got a silvefish spawner when mining and randomly found stronghold MAYBE.

  • @MrShadowDrake
    i agree with alchemist point, it needs a buff.
    Also that builder need nofall dmg at certain level.
    But treefeller non-stop that is way too op.
    Agreed on /rtp, 60 sec is too long.
    Agreed on the vote crates reward, like... 12 iron ingots.... for real? lol.

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