The Hunter Dilemma

  • If anyone cared to check the top positions on any job (./jobs top [job]) they will see that most of them have quite a few people with sizable levels, nothing too unusual. Maybe they'd range from 10-50, perhaps even 50-80 if they're really high up on the board. All this seems to apply to every job except Hunter. If you were to check Hunter leaderboards, some have hit the level cap and many are not too far behind. It's no secret as to why Hunter is so popular, its because it offers the most money of course! Any time a new player asks how to get money? Easy, just tell them "Join Hunter and go to ./res tp mob_farm." This is an issue, it seems like everyone is a Hunter because it's so rewarding. Depending on who you talk to, they'd think you are an idiot if you aren't a Hunter. I want to suggest the idea of either buffing other jobs/professions or nerfing Hunters. I still wouldn't go as far to suggest a ban on public mob farms, but if that would bring some diversity to the server (in terms of player occupation) then so be it. Hope this raises some sort of discussion, as I'd appreciate any counter-arguments provided.

    Thank you.

  • A plan for other job incomes is planned.
    Will take up your suggestion.

  • @Niko302 dont you dare nerf hunter again > : (

  • Idk about nerfs, but I'd definitely be down for some buffs to lesser used jobs, especially alchemist. Or, as a secondary motivator, add some different potions that people might actually want. (currently the only potions I can sell are weakness potion for converting zombie villagers, and occasionally water breathing)

  • Other jobs need buffs, the problem with hunter is ez money you can just chill and grind you don't need anything thanks to public farms except sword with mending and food to grind and while you grind you get xp that can be used used for /ce. Makeing hunter be the richest highest lvl job and best armor/tool/weapons. And ce can be worth to 100k some even more, no other job has that fast xp+money.
    #MakeSilverFishSpawnersGreat(Again ) #buffMiner

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