Survival Rules

  • Skyblock official rules

    Any redstone device that, once activated, harms a player. Large holes that are not properly secured. Teleporting a player and killing them.


    Trespassing is the act of entering private property without permission. The plot must have no access with standard permissions unless otherwise indicated by signs. Alternatively, a player can be asked to leave and if they do not, it's considered trespassing. To prevent trespassing, they can switch their city to private or close off their plot with all perms off. Illegal grinder usage also falls under trespassing. The grinder must be closed off and clearly posted signs indicating who is or isnâ ?? t allowed to use the grinder. If the grinder is open and no signs are placed, then it will not be considered trespassing until they are asked to leave. If you do not want certain people to enter your town, place signs in the city spawn listing their names, if this person is still on your land without permission, ask Staff to kindly tell them to get out of your city property. Under any circumstances you do not enable PVP.


    Do not use more than 2 accounts as simple as that. You can not have more than 2 accounts on the same time if you get banned and you try to login with your other account it will result in a Permanent Ban! Addons / Mods / Scripts / Texturepacks / Modifications Any use of things above that will give you the advantage over others is not allowed.


    Be friendly and always show respect to everyone, no matter their role. no Advertising or posting spam, do not msg people repeatedly or without need. harassment, abuse, Hate Speech or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated. no Links may contain Advertisements of any kind, pornography, racism, or disturbing links. Light swearing is allowed but try to avoid it. Do not spam the auction or use non-realistic prices for items you are selling. use Common Sense.

    Grinders & Hoppers

    Automatic farms with Spawners are allowed while Afk-Pools are still not allowed. Which also means methods that prevent you from being kicked are not allowed (ex: auto clicking a button, noteblock etc ...)

    Mods / Hacks

    Do not X-Ray or use other advantage giving mods. If you're looking for a mod, consult a staff before review. (Saying you did not know this rule does not backup your ban appeal)

    In-Game to IRL Money

    You are not allowed to sell in-game items to another player for irl currency (outside of

    Auto-Clickers / Scripts

    Any use of an Auto-Clicker / Script is NOT ALLOWED if not present on your computer. (meaning you have to respond to a PM within 3 minutes or you will be Reset and or Banned from DogeCraft this means if you use auto-clicker / script you are using it on your own risk and we do not recommend doing so)

    Listen to Staff

    Asking us to give you staff in chat without making a request is not allowed. Staff may not always be right but they always try to help reach in their direction for any feedback that may not be clear from the rules. In cases where these rules are unclear or incomplete, defer to staff judgment.