Update 0.0

  • It's time to post a quick update on some of the changes brought to dogecraft in the last week or so.

    Moved to Bungeecord

    So we decided to move our server to bungeecord since this will bring us more freedom to expand dogecraft into different game play styles.
    The first new game play will be skyblock which should be available open to public soon, probably still in the month of January.

    New store comming soon

    With the release of dogecraft skyblock we plan to also release the newly redesigned store with the items that will be available in skyblock. This will probably also
    bring a contest for store credit (coupons). The type of contest hasn't been decided yet

    Market world changes (Important Changes)

    As many of you may have noticed that the market world is almost always full and it's impossible to buy an empty plot to create your own shop. After receiving
    feedback from other players on the forums, we decided to make buy able plots cost extra (250 000$ --> 500 000$ for normal plots... 500 000$ --> 800 000$ ).
    Other important change is that any player that is inactive (not logged in) for 45 days straight will get his plot resold back to the server for 70% of purchasing price. The plot will also be deleted so any store and chest shops will be lost forever !

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