Additional information for server-mechanics

  • Since more new players are coming to the server and start to ask the same questions over and over again how about... additional step in the tutorial section? Like 3 different and random questions which one has to answer in order to get started?
    ...a book with some information that drops or gets placed in the inventory as soon as one picks up the first crystal?
    ... an additional information stand about time limited fly and the more or less hidden reward boxes at spawn (cash bag and flower)?

    Also to prevent the main world from being destroyed through new players who don't know that the resource world is a thing how about displaying a text on screen (like the welcome screen from joining) if they break a set amount of blocks (if possible outside of their claims) with something like "Are you gathering resources? -> go to /resource".

    Further comments opinions and suggestions in the replies are welcome.

  • @iHolz Ty for the feedback, I'm on it ⛏

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