The Shopping District Issue

  • I think it's about time to address the obvious issue(s) with the /shop district. As many already know, the shopping district is expanding more over time. This influx of more variety in business' is great, except it comes with a huge drawback: Availability. This isn't to say that there is never enough available to the players, but rather the contrary; Shops are too accessible for new or non-committed players.

    From the time I've started playing which is about 3 months+ the shopping district has exploded with newer stores. In addition to the store-driven economy, ways of obtaining money have exploded as well, mostly due to public mob farms. This immense surge of money earned by hunters (new and experienced), and server events, have injected an overwhelming amount of wealth into the shopping district. Players have more money than they know what to do with.

    Before money was prevalent, shops costed $50,000 for a plot, leaving rental shops as the cheaper alternative for new players looking to become entrepreneurs. Now shops seem to have been elevated to $200,000 per plot, which is likely due to the very same issue mentioned previously. However, these new prices still offer too much leeway to those newer players. Instead of proposing a ban on public mob farms or perhaps a cutback on event rewards, I raise the suggestion of increasing the shop plot sale price to $500,000. This would ensure a fair difficulty for any new player, meaning they would need to actually commit to the game and put real time and effort into the server. This would not only solve the issue of constantly un-stocked shops, but barren shops and shop plots altogether. Even if it does not completely resolve such an issue it will certainly reduce the frequency of it. Shops 120, 118, 108, 123, 130, 131, and 135 are just a handful of examples of shops that have seen very little attention.

    This is mainly due to owners who are incredibly infrequent players, stopped playing completely, or find little interest in maintaining a shop. There are many more shops like those previously listed, and I cannot say that the admins/mods haven't been making an effort to improve this glaring issue. I have seen shops that were previously abandoned gone up for sale, which is good. However, even with the price raise currently in place, it is doubtful that it will have the substantial effect that we all need. I hope this subject gets some light, and that we can eventually find a solution that works for everyone.

    Thank you,

  • @Scrathix I wholeheartedly agree with this recommendation. It's bad enough that shops closer to the market tp have an overwhelming economic advantage, but it's a real slap in the face to see a good market plot unfinished every single time you pass by.

  • @Bojale I also forgot to mention that shops that are almost immediate to the /shop tp should be more around $750,000 to $1,000,000 for the sole reason of economic advantage. Thank you for the reminder.

  • I would agree to both sides but I don't think this is a big problem. If the player who owned the shop is inactive for at least 3 months or longer, they would remove the shop.

  • @Golden_Crafter Thats even more reason to make them worth more. If some new player buys a plot currently and then gets off like many of them do, they're still locking out the plot for 3 months. And I am aware that you cannot immediately assume or know when a specific player may show commitment, but with this idea in play, it wouldn't matter as much because it's still limiting the shops to more dedicated players regardless.

  • @Scrathix I also agree that some sort of action should be taken against the distinct plethora of abandoned shops in the shopping district. Raising the price of shop plots would most likely mean that they will be bought by players who are actually dedicated to the server and want to maintain a shop for extended periods of time, as opposed to abandoning it after building half of the shop.

  • I agree we are having some issues with the current shop situation. So far I've came up with two possible solutions, and I'll let you guys decide which is the best one:

    • Convert all regions to rent regions and make the rent extend to maximum of one month, this would also mean we could control the taxation on the stores so players would have to pay like +/-20k per month to just keep it.

    • The other solution is to make the shop just resell it self after the player is inactive for a month. This would be automatic so no intervention would be needed by our staff members

    Also i'm another thing we could change is the taxation of creating a chest shop. Which at the moment is 40$ and we could increase it to 200$.

  • @pustinek I think you have the right idea about the auto-resell for when a player goes AWOL for a month, but it still doesn't really correct the issue. Very few new players end up making it to meta game and make contributions to the economy in any significant way. So far, due to the abundance of abandoned shops, they've actually seemed to hurt the economy. So while the detection for inactivity being reduced from 3 months to 1 is great, its still resulting in new players locking out plots for a month.
    As for the large-scale "renting" idea with like 20k+ a month to maintain the shop, I just believe this is unnecessary when taking the idea i've proposed into account.
    As for the increase of /cshop creations, I think raising it would be a step in the wrong direction. The initiative should be to make larger plots harder to obtain, while still offering the small rental shops to new players looking to make a break on the market in a way that doesn't negatively affect it. Basically, dedicated players would (and should) be the only ones to own any sort of shop plot that is not a rental.
    If we increase the initial price on shop plots to $500k+, and increase rental shop advertisement (especially to new players), then I think all these issues will be solved with little to no repercussions.

  • If shop plots are released for resale I think they should be cleared to allows the new buyer a clean slate to create something fresh 🙂 Also would 6 weeks be a better wait time, some people have study and such and time slips by pretty quickly 🙂 And a shop should be just that ... some shop plots look like a home.

  • Sure thing guys, so the plan is simply to make the buyable plots more expensive, normal - 500k, premium 750k. Keeping the cost of chest shop the same. Buyable shops will now be sold back after 1month of inactivity from players... What about the shops that are sold to active players but aren't used really as shops but just some ugly half finished thing ?

  • @pustinek Well I think we should offer a notice to those who haven't put much effort into their shops to let them know of the changes and give them a small window of time. Perhaps a rule stating that some level of upkeep should be maintained. If that rule is made and the notices are given out, the process should become completely automatable from that point forward (making it easier on mods/admins). And I also agree with Annie's suggestion of 6 weeks before plot termination. Given that players would be paying 500k+ for a shop plot, perhaps raising the time from 1 month to 1 1/2 months is more reasonable because as she said: life happens. Hope this gives a clearer image as to how the changes could be implemented.

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