Disappearing villagers

  • Yesterday I decided to make a villager breeder to get my hand on Mending books. The first bred villager was already on the spot: Mending for 32 emeralds! I was so happy with it. I decided to just go further with breeding and well, it was crowded in that villager breeder place (after just a couple of hours there were already like 30 villagers).

    But then, within one day, my villagers all magically disappeared. I named some for ensurance of not despawning, but even they were gone. It took some time before I noticed because I was busy making other things related to the villager breeder. Nevertheless, I am sure that it is because of some server restarts. It made me very disappointed.

    Can this issue (disappearing villagers) please be fixed, because I don't really see any reason to keep breeding villagers if they just disappear within one day...

  • I have been trying to figure out what is causing it. and I might have a clue it should be fixed now.
    If not PM me