• The auction that this server has right now isn't good at all. Mainly, it's all about who has the best ping and could easily snipe it all day long by making easy profits. There needs to be a new plugin with better auctions or keep adding AntiSnipe to let people buy it that really deserves it by how much money they have... I'm sure a lot of people are already annoyed by auction snipers even though I snipe, too.

  • Admin

    If we were to have the antisnipe go on forever, it'd be unfair on newer players who may have significantly less money. Removing it will also cause additional problems such as more auction spam.

    I don't understand how a "new plugin with better auctions" will work either, if you're blaming latency.

  • I will be putting in a new auction plugin (Auction house) shortly same is going to be for skyblock.

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